3-Year Study Finds Gender Wage Gap Widening: Here's How To Close It

Know your worth

If you believe you’re under-earning and overperforming, it’s time to learn how much you’re worth, says Olivia Jaras, founder of Salary Coaching for Women and author of Know Your Worth, Get Your Worth. “If you don’t know your market value, why would anyone else know? It’s not the hiring manager’s responsibility to know your worth,” she says. “No one is going to give you what you’re not asking for.”

Look at four to five salary sites to determine a range for your salary, and then objectively consider where you fit based on your experience, Jaras says. Make sure your resume is updated to match your experience because the compensation department typically sets salary based on what employees look like on paper, not how they perform during an interview, she says.

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Make sure your job description is accurate

Many of the women Jaras coaches have job descriptions that are obsolete. Make sure yours depicts what you actually do at work every day because you could be doing more than you are being compensated for, Jaras says. “It’s engrained in women that we will be recognized for our work but it is our responsibility to point out what is beyond the scope of our position,” she says.

Review your job description and if it doesn’t accurately reflect your responsibilities, ask your manager if you could work together to write a position description that better captures your main responsibilities, Jaras says. From there, you have the perfect segue to discuss salary.


2018-04-10 - Lisa Rabasca Roepe